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Hamachi crudo

This is a very quick and easy appetizer that is a great crowd pleaser. The slight difficulty is finding sashimi-grade hamachi (yellow-tail tuna). In San Francisco, my go-to fish monger is Billingsgate.

serves: 6        difficulty: moderate      prep time: 20 min


for the sauce


Use a mandolin to thinly slice the watermelon radish.  You need only 5-6 thin slices.

Stack them, and cut 1/4 inch squares from the slices.

Slice the jalapeno pepper in thin rings.

The most complex part is slicing the fish.  There is a nice YouTube tutorial how to do it right. As you slice the fish, arrange the pieces in a flower pattern on the plate.

Mix all the ingredients for the sauce.  Pour 2 tbs sauce on each plate directly over the fish . Place a radish square on each piece of fish. I leave the jalapeno slices on the side. Garnish with the pea shoots.

Serve immediately while the fish is cold.

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