Tomatoes, Fennel and Saffron Risotto with a Pan-Fried Scallop

As I promised in the original risotto post the possibilities are endless.  The possibilities with tomatoes, fennel and saffron are also endless.  That’s a broth or sauce that I use a lot with seafood, and I have a bunch of recipes already published such as Squid ink pasta with tomato-fennel-calamari sauce,  Saffron tagliatelle with tomato,…

Scallops with English peas purée and porcini mushrooms

This is a seafood variation of the Duck breast with mushrooms and English peas, and like that recipe, it uses ideas from two previous recipes: Duck breast with lavender and honey, and English peas purée with mint and Bulgarian feta.

Squid ink pasta with tomato-fennel-calamari sauce

This dish is a variation of the the Squid ink pasta with tomato-fennel-saffron sauce and pan fried shrimp. Here, chef Mark Doraszelski and I substituted the shrimp for calamari, and it was a very successful experiment. Ever since I discovered a new source for squid ink, our local fish monger in Noe Valley Billingsgate, I have…

Hamachi crudo

This is a very quick and easy appetizer that is a great crowd pleaser. The slight difficulty is finding sashimi-grade hamachi (yellow-tail tuna). In San Francisco, my go-to fish monger is Billingsgate.

Risotto with dungeness crab

As I promised in the original risotto post the possibilities are endless.  Dungeness crab risotto is fresh,  luxurious and indulgent dish.  I have to say that I was introduced to Dungeness crab by our dear friend Wendy who has been hosting us for crab night for years.  I learned from her that the California Dungeness crab season is during  the “r” months: November to April.

Whole fish “La Rosetta”

This dish is my attempt to reverse engineer a recipe from the La Rosetta restaurant in Rome. Saal and I went there for the first time in 2008 on a recommendation from my friend Luben Dimcheff, and it was one of those meals you remember. We went back with Luben and my parents in September…

Miso glazed black cod with bok choy

Miso glazed black cod is a signature dish at many Southeast Asian restaurants. Black cod is one of my favorite types of fish – it is delicate, flakey and delicious. Check out the other black cod recipes: Black cod over tomato-saffron risotto and Black cod with caramelized fennel and Manila clams in tomato-fennel-saffron broth.

Black cod over tomato-saffron risotto

Black cod is my new favorite fish – it is very delicate, flaky and simply delicious. And the tomato-saffron combination is one of the most versatile accompaniments to any sea food dish – such as black cod over with tomato-fennel-saffron broth or the Saffron tagliatelle with tomato, fennel, saffron sauce and pan fried shrimp